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Plunder Pirates v2.9.2 Apk Data is Available !


  • Build a beautiful island with 360-degree, three-dimensional view it from different angles
  • Construction pirate crew of ten of the biggest gangsters Pirates: D
  • Show unspecified amount of water inside the ship where you
  • Combat with enemy forces, conquer the island and to obtain their booty
  • Get into the Pirate Association together with friends and enjoy it!

Plunder Pirates previous game Rovio is a completely different game styles. This time it’s his foot into the shoe manufacturers enter the online strategy games, but so far this has been successful and has been able to open his footing well. The main difference between this game from other online games are played on an island and that while most online games and perhaps all of them, are on the ground. Plunder Pirates game was first released for IOS operating system that after a few weeks, we will launch it on Google Play for Android OS had.

As the name suggests, the game also Plunder Pirates, a game about pirates face. Games where you have your own pirate master role. The game is played on an island. You should be able to attack other pirates, ships and destroy them conquer their island. The ultimate goal of reaching the trophies that you have gathered these thieves. You gain the spoils of them, you can increase your resources and use them for construction or purchase. In this game you will have also an island. The island is known as your location and it will use for the rest of the game. You have the island all to create the necessary structures. All management you are playing by the same island can be done. You can use it with gold and Aksyrhayy that you create different structures. Buildings such as barracks, gold, resources, elixir, war industries and on the island can be created. It should be noted that the construction of some buildings in Levele higher may take several days should wait until construction is complete.


The main objective of the game is to play around destroying the island who have dropped out or are offline. When the island is offline, you will have the chance to attack it. You have to attack the island if you are sure you can destroy it. Island that have high strength, hardness will be destroyed and when you destroy them immense forces and have great power. In this game you will find 10 different kinds of pirates, which you can buy soldiers, among them yourself. A limited number of soldiers at the beginning of the game will be available for purchase and are more soldiers with special powers, will be opened in stages. It also allows you to upgrade all the soldiers and increase the strength and endurance they will have.

Plunder Pirates extraordinary graphics for excellent design. No less deficit in the graphic design of the game is designed for HD, can not be found. There are small and cute characters in the game that looks funny and interesting games are also added to the excitement.

Rovio in Plunder Pirates game is not any less deficit and that the game is well visible. Plunder Pirates game will likely soon will become another brand, so companies can become one of the top Android games. If you are looking for a different and fascinating game of strategy games online, we suggest you play “Pirates Plunder” is the more you can get it directly from the site.

Note »The game is done online. When you play open until you close it, you have an internet connection if you are disconnected, the game will be closed.

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