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Prisma v2.4.6.166 Apk is Available !


  • There are new Art Filters
  • Beautiful visual effects
  • Quick sharing

With Prisma Plus program that lets you turn photos into paintings dates, can also special effects to your pictures manager. There Prysma control software filters and effects will be very interesting that you can use them on your images and create unique effects. Finally, you can edit your photos on various social networks to share with your friends.

Prysma online! After selecting the images you Prysma sent to the server, where it is processed and the final image will be sent to you. Definitely processors handset after such a heavy processing on the images and turn them into paintings came to be and why Prdarzsh on servers Prysma done.

Prysma previously published app for iOS, which now also released its Android version and the iPhone is the best software.

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