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QuickEdit Text Editor Pro v1.2.4 Apk is Available !


  • Has advanced research programs with improved functionality
  • Pshtybanybysh 40 code editor and the programming language C ++, C #, Java, HTML, CSS, XML, Javascript, PHP and …
  • Supports long text and long (more than 10 thousand lines)
  • Show or hide line numbers
  • Undo and redo changes without any restrictions
  • View, reduce and increase the distance between the lines
  • Ability to select a portion of text or quick editing
  • The ability to scroll vertically and horizontally
  • Go to the desired line directly
  • Very fast search and replace
  • Enter the desired colors
  • Auto-detect character encoding
  • Open the file from files that have been recently opened
  • Ability to edit system files (only for rooted devices)
  • Having both light and dark themes
  • Optimized for tablets and smartphones
  • Version without ads

It is quite natural that users from a text file editor, do not expect too much. Members of these programs are commonly used to edit text files ends or end users is that the new text file (notes) to create. But if you limit those who are looking for more advanced program to perform simple tasks are the same, we recommend you use QuickEdit Text Editor is.

Using the software necessary QuickEdit Text Editor can edit all the text files do. This application allows users to create text files with no restrictions number of characters to create or edit. QuickEdit Text Editor of different programming languages ​​such as C ++, C #, Java, HTML, CSS, XML, Javascript, PHP and other programming is also supported in 30 languages. You can use this software to do the coding of the application.

The ability to search the text typed in the fastest time, another feature of this software is powerful. It should be noted that both light and dark theme with QuickEdit Text Editor that can customize them to select and adjust.

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