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Relax Rain Rain Sounds v4.5.0 Apk is Available !

Relaxing sounds of nature and Rain Relax Rain Rain Sounds

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Listen to the soothing sounds As the name suggests, can also cause people to be calm. If you are interested in relaxing sounds, we recommend you do not miss Relax Rain Rain Sounds.

The software is a set of the most relaxing sounds of nature that you can listen to them or to ringtones as alarm or phone (alarm) put it.



  • Having more than 30 high quality relaxing sounds of nature and rainfall
  • No need to connect to the Internet and work offline
  • Having a system timer that will sound fade
  • Stop and continue playing sounds
  • Automatic stop when receiving a call
  • The ability to control sound

Relax Rain – Nature sounds of the most beautiful and most relaxing sounds of nature is for Android phones. By installing the set on your phone, any time you can go to the different sounds of nature like the sound of rain, the sound of the sea, the sound of birds and … listen. You can find the audio file that is included in this package to use as a ringtone or alarm.

The software allows you to set the timer to program a specific time period after witnessing the fading sound not playing. It is also possible that there will be voices in the background you move and your phone to do other things with busy phone.

Applications Relax Rain Rain Sounds for those who are looking to sleep easier at night, very convenient!

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