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Shuttle Music Player v1.6.5 Apk is Available !

Features :

  • Ability to create playlists
  • Supports equalizer
  • Support for vertical and horizontal modes
  • Different skins
  • Support for different types of widget
  • The ability to automatically mute the music after removing the headset
  • The music control buttons Headset
  • Show the list ready for playback on tape
  • Has the ability to automatically download Album Art
  • Ability to control the music player from the lock screen
  • Hours of sleep for the shutdown program
  • The easy browsing music folder
  • Help change the lock screen
  • Black lists of music
  • Search and display text, music

There is always a problem for users is the default music player features not much to them and also perhaps some audio formats are not supported. For this reason, typically in the same field for Android users to the applications that have been released and more are provided in the process of using it to solve all their needs. For those who are familiar with the music player shuttle, know that this music player as one of the best and most powerful music player for Android applications known.

Shuttle + Music Player has a very attractive appearance and visit the music in your cell phone looks spectacular show. You can adjust how audio files on the Shuttle + Music Player change. Each of the files that you want to run, just enough to consider once on the tracks that you like, click to play the song.

The program is able to play audio files with very high quality and the ability to listen to files with excellent quality. Setting equalizer is also included Shuttle + Music Player that you can equalizer players adjust to your taste. It also has different layouts is also estimated that you can choose whichever you want. Following the latest version of Shuttle + Music Player with direct links from the site get.

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