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Sleep as Android v20170426 build 1530 Apk is Available !


  • Tracking the sleep cycle intelligently using your phone’s accelerometer
  • Widget support wearable (compatible with Samsung watch)
  • Integration with Google
  • Statistics related to lack of sleep and snoring
  • Sharing on Facebook and Twitter
  • There is a very attractive natural sounds (birds, sea, storm, etc.)
  • Music alarm playlists
  • Avoid sleeping in the morning you are using CAPTCHA codes

For those users who have difficulty waking up in the morning, we recommend Sleep as Android app. Sleep as Android name software application for Android that allows you to wake you up in the morning.

The software is able to relax and awesome sounds of nature, you wake up. Certainly waking up in the morning with the soothing sounds can be much more enjoyable. For those who can not even wake up with an alarm sound, the application can set alarms to solve the puzzles that have already been set, the alarm can not be silenced. That is, the length of time you have to spend to solve, you will wake up.

It should also be noted that, when the alarm sounds, the sound will gradually increase until you do not get disturbed.

Plug Sleep Lullaby:

The plugin lets you unload the brain of stress before bed to go to sleep easier. If the plug on the installment plan, you can wake up easier.

Plug SleepCloud Backup:

This plugin allows you to upload the chart and you will form in the cloud. You can find information on various cloud services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. be used.

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