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Snap Camera HDR v8.3.0 Apk is Available !

Features :

  • Ability to view images after exposure effects on them with the ability to redo it
  • Share images using different applications such as Facebook, Google+ with one click
  • Creating panoramic images just by clicking on the panorama icon (Android 4.0 and higher)
  • Ability to take quick photos and burst program
  • Take pictures when shooting off (if your device supports it)
  • Use the volume button to take a picture, focus, and zoom in on anything
  • Flash automatically use the phone to record short videos
  • Professional settings for shooting in Rvzlyshn that other programs do not allow it
  • Timer to take a picture at a desired time

Snap Camera HDR software is perfect for those little ones who think that their phone has a camera app, has caused their talents in photography can show well.

Snap Camera HDR most complete possible means at your disposal on the mobile phone will be able to use them with your professional and artistic images. The software has a complete toolbox for photography, which undoubtedly can cover your needs well. There are filters for unique and beautiful in this program can be awesome visual effects to your pictures when photographing them. By default you can get the same when you want to see any of the filters that you want applied to the images and due to it’s light, choose the best filter.

One interesting feature of the program is placed Snap Camera HDR, take a picture while filming, and so can you imagine scenes are evocative record by taking a photo. Note that for this case, your phone must support this feature.

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