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Spotify Music v6.5.0.1816 MOD Apk is Available !

Spotify Music Spotify music application mode version of Shaggy and Android

Normal version and 100% mode

Update: the release of the latest version of Spotify mode

Spotify Music app to listen to audio files in the popular and famous mobile phones are. With this app, you can listen to online music that you like. Spotify music programs have been prepared with high quality.



  • Ability to listen to music on the phone at any time.
  • Ability to download the music for offline playback
  • Very high quality music player that amazes you
  • The Premium version of the program without any annoying ads
  • The ability to remove the Spotify app whenever you want

Those users who are interested in music and audio files are no doubt familiar with Spotify Music Service Spotify. Spotify Music, a free service for smartphones that use it to listen to the latest and most up to date will have songs in the world. One of the main advantages that using Spotify music program compared to other programs, is that Spotify you have access to the database of music that can not be found anywhere else in the.

Undoubtedly Spotify as one of the most complete sources known audio files. Of course, Spotify for those users who create an account for free, just to listen to music for twenty hours a month to give.

Spotify Music will allow you to get acquainted with the latest works and artists in the field of music. This software allows users to search, and thus can search audio file you want to locate it. The ability to share these files will have on various social networks and on the other hand, you can download the file and use it on your computer and listen to it offline.

If you are interested in different music, we recommend installing the official Spotify app on your Android mobile phone, you have direct access to this service and you can use it. Below you can find the latest version of Android Spotify Music with direct links from sites get top.

Spotify app ads removal method using AdAway:

  1. Program AdAway install.
  2. Then blacklist file link ads in the app. (Select the Add option and enter the address file http://dl.apktops.ir/apps/2015/09/hosts)
  3. Download files and apply ad blocking option enabled, and after a phone reset.

Note: If normal pre-release mode for non-rooted phones, the same thing will be notified.

Functionality mode version (no need to root):

Tested and safe mode version of the program is to download the data.

Final Mega Mod Info (No Root Needed)

Unlocked Spotify Connect
Seek FWD button added to information bar / tablet mod
Visual ads blocked
Audio ads blocked
Seeking enabled
unlimited shuffle
Choose any song
Extreme audio unlocked
Repeats enabled

Download file

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