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Sygic GPS Navigation v17.0.9 Apk is Available !

The only drawback of this app is a small city in Iran where there is no map and only big cities like Tehran, Isfahan and supports all major roads in the map software is available. In this version you can play all the maps available, including Iran also download the program.


The new version of Shaggy Sayjyk maps with data files and Iran map can be downloaded from the site TOP Android. This version has been tested on a few phones and run no problem.


Note 2: This version 2 features a new and very interesting. The first feature is the camera view of the police , but the country can not be used but functionality is the ability to HUD software by which you can page your Android phone as a mirror on the windshield reflective so you can picture it see through the windshield. Continue on this feature to better understand how this feature is placed.

To enable the mirror on the glass, HUD icon on the main menu Sayjyk Click to go to HUD. Then to reverse the image for a reflection on the glass, touch screen and tap the arrow button on the right to strobe mode is activated:


An example of a HUD feature of this version of the video:

Sygic GPS Navigation 13.4.1 Final

Tip 3: To enable the service DashCam or monitor path, DashCam option to save the track is enabled.

Some routing capabilities Sayjyk Android:

  • Ability to display traffic (currently not active in Iran)
  • View maps in 2D and 3D
  • View exact locations by street name and location for Persian
  • Route 2 points
  • Farsi spokesman for the route guide
  • View the exact coordinates of the location
  • Showing signs and public places on the map
  • Including Iran’s major cities and country roads
  • HUD has capabilities and DashCam
  • It has two display modes for day and night
  • Route easy on city streets and different places
  • Auto zoom
  • Find the fastest route to the destination of the route available
  • And …

Sayjyk Installation Guide Shaggy:

  1. The previous version completely clean and Clear Data.
  2. Download the data files and decompress.
  3. Sygic folder to the root of memory or SDcard and if your phone has an internal memory Hnma in internal memory copy.
  4. Connected to the Internet to install and run the program.
  5. Iran’s latest maps from the maps (size 32 MB) download.
  6. Last update of the map is 2015.10.
  7. In order to reduce the size of data files, additional language has been removed.

Download file

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