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Tapatalk VIP – Forums and Interests v6.2.1 Apk is Available !

Open forums and forum apps for the Android Tapatalk

Looks very different in the new version
With the support of the majority of the forum of Persian Language

Today, online forums (forums) well located users and users have a lot of popularity into its own. With the launch of various specialized forums to solve problems much easier users and users with their preferred forum could simply refer to as their problem and to seek a solution to it.

Gradually the use of mobile phones to surf and open pages on the Internet was increasing. But the phone could not open the Internet forum would meet the needs of users and mobile phones due to the small screen, he could well cover the whole page in a forum. Fortunately, thanks to the supply of programs such as Tapatak – Tapatalk This problem was solved!



  • Supports over 10,000 sites with Forum
  • Support Forum with VB structure and IPB and SMF and phpBB
  • Low volume for cost-saving Internet Data Exchange
  • View the latest post
  • Warning for private messages
  • View all screenshots
  • Download attachments
  • The Post reported SPAM (the Forum of VB with the latest version of Tapatalk)
  • Change font size
  • View all posts by Persian correct if your phone ROM supports Persian language
  • A special sidebar for quick access
  • Attractive environment
  • The main characteristics forums


Software Tapatak – Tapatalk, the name of the software for those who are interested in surfing the forum and the forum used to be able to meet their needs.

Tapatalk software enables you to online forums to be optimized for your phone or tablet screen size view. This application is different forum Persian language and other countries as classified in the category of regular, put and can access them.

Forum under the various content management systems such as PHBB, VB, MyBB and are designed Tapatak are supported by the software. This part is included in the software through which you can see the latest forum submission and thus always follow your favorite forum.

Ability to change the color of the environment as well as the ability to change font, size and color is also included for users Tapatalk app so that users are able to forum environment, depending on your personal taste, their personalization. You can also playback audio notifications for when new posts in the community you’re looking for, do not activate when new postings in order to understand it and do not miss the new content.

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