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Townsmen Premium v1.10.2 MOD Apk is Available !


  • Gameplay with the theme of Urbanization
  • There are funny people with certain daily activities.
  • The economic system is complex and deep supply chain
  • Thousands of different cities and different products for construction
  • Optional system for soldiers and bandits in the game
  • Different scenarios and challenging tasks
  • Ability to limit the gameplay
  • Full support for Android tablets
  • Support service gameplay

Although the Townsmen Premium volume does not have time, but to dare to say that you are one of the best simulation games urbanism face will be the job of a piece of land to start easy and you have to build buildings there are different in a city, you can boost your own city. In this game, android capable of producing different types of buildings dates.

In the city you have different personalities that make up your community members. These people have their own routines. During the game you should be able to use the method that is intended for you to earn more money to use money obtained more prosperity to the city manager.

One of the things that you can use it to get more money from the people’s taxes. There is also the possibility of using mines that game and can earn good money by mining. If you are interested in the game of strategic and especially urbanism we recommend you do not miss Townsmen game.


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