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Vainglory v1.23.0 Apk Data is Available !

Online games and role-playing Vainglory

Note: This game can be installed only on the operating system of Android 4.4 is up!

Vainglory is a multiplayer online game that’s battlefield Super Evil for both Android and IOS releases. This game is a simplified version of Windows is based on where the two opposing teams with three different players to destroy enemy forces is done by controlling the base lines by towers, and by the enemy to protect Mazandran is. Outside the mainstream players will fight each other to gain additional resources. In November 2014, the game after 1.5 years longer than for IOS operating system launch Android version was released in 2015.


Introduce and review the game Vainglory

Construction began play in 2012 by a team game. Apple was in 2014 that the version of IOS game was unveiled. The team were looking for a game with a long and very fun gameplay design that uses a network in which users have the ability to play.

Review of this game is that bulk water have been very favorable. Critics graphics, adorable characters and stages of the game. But the main criticism that was on it, was the lack of team communication features. The Guardian newspaper as the best play of the game IOS operating system in 2014 is named.

Vainglory a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) in the style of games like League of Legends and Dota 2 is supplied with the difference that for smartphones. The story of this genre is about opposing teams who are trying to destroy each other in a way that is called “lane” is known as the base connected to each other.

Vainglory 3 players in each team and each having a control Avatar as “Hero” is known. Computer-controlled creeps games are known as agents. Try military base infiltrated enemy forces and enemy forces lane in follow base and enemy forces to fight and destroy the towers that are in the way.

The player’s goal in this game gain experience and money and gold by fighting enemy forces, towers and other players are. Also on the way to the enemy base to destroy the crystal that you can see.

The lane in the game, often known as the jungle where players take control of the game in order to obtain gold and increase the strength of the force used. The take control, including source units, mine gold and Kraken (a powerful force that takes 15 minutes to prepare it and can use it to fight with enemy forces) is.

Accordingly, the Kraken during the game will often achieve victory. The control points the opposing team can try again after hijack it. Forest nowhere to hide heroes in the eyes of players, agents neutral to kill and a store for buying upgrades.

In May 2015 there were fourteen hero in the game. The development time of new heroes with different skills added to the game but they do FITNESS FOR A competition was fair. For example, a hero in the lane may be powerful but is too slow for use in the forest.

While it’s quite the opposite may be true hero. Players choose between 3 different attack skills that can be upgraded using technology tree select commands. Free character during the game on a rotating basis, and others can buy them.

The game uses two methods for in-app purchase: one of them during the game is obtained and the honorary title of war and other methods can be purchased in cash. Champion that are high power, are relatively expensive. Unfortunately, the game Vainglory features such as chat text or voice communications team does not have.

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