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Volume Control v4.36 Apk is Available !


  • Custom settings related to sound and ringtones for a special audience
  • The option to separate, associated with the sound ringtones and notifications
  • Ability to change ringtones for alarm, ringtones and notifications
  • Having a shortcut for quick access to settings related to volume

Volume Control Program to control the volume on Android devices. As you know on Android phones there are several areas in which to control and adjust the volume (sound) you. For example, some of the categories include voice ringtones, sound alarms, voice SMS, voice, touch screen, voice phone’s physical buttons and …

For those users who are concerned with the control of large sections apply, we advise you to try Volume Control program. It provides all the settings related to the volume of the device (which some of them mentioned) on a page you will that can use it at once to the relevant setting access them apply. This program will allow you to simply change the section that you consider the volume and the degree to which you want to reduce or increase.

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