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[Widgets PRO] TSF Launcher 3D Shell Prime v3.8.7 Apk is Available !


  • Home pages for the application icon and separate pages for widgets
  • The possibility of increasing home screen pages to 13 pages
  • Switch between home screen pages in a different way
  • 11 different background to the application icon
  • 6 different effects in two home screen to switch between pages
  • Exclusive widget Music, Memo, Weather, Gallery
  • 3 different animation Colud, Ghost and Pumpkin for attractive
  • The classification application icon based on the software and installation time
  • Control widget WiFi, Bluetooh, Airplane and Ringer
  • Ability to resize the icons to customize
  • Ability to remove fast and easy application via icons
  • Using the launcher in both normal and Landscape

TSF Shell 3D Launcher will no doubt be one of the best launchers available for Android OS into account that looks very stylish and is unparalleled. The launcher is designed to consume the least amount of hardware as well as mobile phone battery will be you. So no worry about battery drain your mobile phone in a short time again.

Launcher TSF Shell 3D Launcher without exaggeration, has spectacular effects is that when you change your phone menu pages we’ll see. The effects will undoubtedly have so far not seen any other launcher TSF Shell 3D Launcher looks very empty and appeared to have given the launcher. Using the launcher TSF can create up to 13 homepage in your mobile phone and essential programs and applications + widgets you need on them.

The possibility of classifying the different criteria in the launcher icon based applications that can take advantage of the phone’s icons that belong to different applications and games are not organized. The launcher also several options that you can use to customize the look of your launcher according to personal taste. Then you can get the latest version of the launcher TSF Shell 3D Launcher with widgets and theme of the site get.

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