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Winlive Pro Karaoke Mobile v1.1.02 Apk is Available !


  • Karaoke offline
  • Quick Start Midi, Kar, Mp3, Wave, Cd-G, txt and pdf
  • Unable to save in multiple formats
  • Karaoke clearly and full-screen view
  • Mixer with volume editor
  • Manage more than 40 song list
  • Upload PDF files as e-book
  • Quick search in the list of songs or search for the first letter
  • File search to find a device file
  • Midi file search on the web

Winlive Pro Karaoke Mobile a professional karaoke app for Android phones is that it can help the reader become!

Instrumental in this application can keep track of the most famous songs in the world to play at the same time also saw the lyrics of the songs and with the help of text you can read and record the songs. It is also possible to manually add songs without words to this application, and can provide text pdf, text and lyric songs as well as add to it.

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