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WPS Office PDF v10.2.1 MOD Apk is Available !

Features :

  • Supports all Microsoft Office files (Word Excel PowerPoint PDF document)
  • Has advanced and intelligent editor
  •   Send emails with attachments and constant updates the app to get new features
  • Automatically determines the current language according to the language the phone
  • The ability to highlight words, change the color, line up, Word Search, zoom, highlight and …
  • It has built-in file manager supports SD Card
  • Support for USB keyboard and mouse
  • Support for wireless printers
  • Support for large files and more than 100 MB
  • Print files directly (App Cloud Print is recommended for the job)

WPS Office + PDF can be as compact as the Office for Android phones. The software was previously known as Kingsoft Office supply but its name was changed to WPS Office + PDF. With this software allows you to view various Office files on your mobile phone you have.

WPS Office program for all Office files with different formats + pdf format support. It is also possible to edit files on the phone and there are also tools to do so also will be provided. This program is able to change their original language as the default language of your phone. WPS Office can continue with a direct link from the site TOP Android get.

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