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XCOM Enemy Within v1.6.0 Apk Data is Available !

Features :

  • Top with three-dimensional graphics design models
  • The fascinating and exciting gameplay
  • Style Strategic and Action
  • A lot of action scenes and encounters in the game
  • Different weapons
  • Maps and location
  • Characters and new enemies

Game XCOM: Enemy Within

Game XCOM Enemy Within Standalone version or the so-called separate DLC game XCOM Enemy Unknown is the first time in 2012 for consoles and PC games released. Game company 2K Games After a long time working on this version, Android and iOS version of the popular game now has for sale.

XCOM Enemy Within a continuation and modeled XCOM Enemy Unknown is the nature of the game, but this time with more stages, graphics and improved gameplay, new weapons, new characters and new maps have been unveiled. Style game XCOM: Enemy Within is strategic and action-based. The game has several different stages during the course goes in line with each other.

Different groups of humans and aliens in the game can be seen. Game characters, including helpers both you and your enemies will be part of the same group. You are more equipped weapons and new abilities and skills you get. This game is one of the most amount of games available for Android and iOS smartphone operating system up to date. The final volume of nearly 3 GB.According to the manufacturer XCOM Enemy Within very graphic detail, and to perform better this game is better than all other programs are closed.

Note: Due to the heavy volume graphics, this game is obviously on phones and tablets with poor processing system (Core 2 processors below 1.5 GHz, 1.5 GB RAM and graphics are weak below) is not implemented. or if you run a log and frame drops will be severe. Also XCOM Enemy Within only runs on Android 4 is up.

Note: Due to the high volume of play (2.8 GB) of data compression is played in 3 parts. After downloading any third section, must extract it to a folder.

Installation Instructions: After installing the installation file APK, game data folder to address sdcard / Android / obbmove and run the game.

Training mode of the game: download the game and save game folder in the root of the sdcard copy XCOM-Enemy Within, and then select Resume game play options.



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