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XiiaLive Pro – Internet Radio v3.3.2.2 Apk is Available !

The newest version of XiiaLive Pro – Internet Radio

If your phone has a radio program is not a new program can XiiaLive â„¢ Pro – Internet Radio use. This application for Android OS design studio Visual Blasters LLC and published in Google Play has been able to allocate 5.0 4.6 rating which was rated one of the best in the world. The program is not good advertising. Various radio wave can easily get with this app and listen.

XiiaLive â„¢ -Pro-Internet-Radio


  • No annoying ads
  • Take advantage of filtering stations in the atmosphere Jstv
  • Take advantage of shortcuts page
  • Take advantage of Bluetooth headsets
  • Backup and Restore stations

With this app you will be able to receive and listen to various radio stations. If your phone does not have a radio program XiiaLive â„¢ Pro – Internet Radio is the best option in similar applications. One of the nice features that can be named is not annoying ads, advertising designers have never used this program are easier to use.

In an atmosphere Jstv program can use filters to get to your desired radio station. It would be more than 50,000 live radio stations from around the world have gathered in your phone and ready to play. This program is able to support Bluetooth headsets and with it also the step up.

The app syncs via your headset and headset control program. Another interesting feature is that you can backup performance of radio stations available as well as restore or restore them to, for example, you want your phone to factory settings Bazgdanyd radio network that you had in mind for you and you have them personalized with the said feature can backup station and in a safe place to protect it and restore them after work. You could say it’s one of the best in its genre between both programs.

Do not miss this application.

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