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Yahoo Mail – Stay Organized v5.15.1 Apk is Available !


  • Ability to attach multiple files simply
  • Add photos, videos, documents, e-mail
  • A quick search of messages, contacts, photos and files
  • Using multiple Yahoo account
  • The ability to switch between accounts
  • Email support for Gmail, Outlook
  • View new emails received
  • Select the desired frantic Of Skins
  • Organize emails based on various criteria
  • Receive news from Yahoo

The official Yahoo! Mail app for Android smartphones Yahoo using it to access and use your account on Yahoo dates. The software offered by Yahoo, but take advantage of Gmail and Outlook e-mail systems also gives users. You can use multiple email accounts simultaneously and switch between them easily. New emails that get this app for notifications to appear to never miss any of your new email. Amkanmrtb the incoming mail to various criteria such as date, category, sender and Yahoo Mail is provided in the program.

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