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ZEDGE v5.21B2 Apk is Available !


  • Download and configuration, live wallpapers, wallpapers, notifications, ringtones and more directly through the app
  • Access to games offered by the program
  • Supported ringtone, contact ringtones, message tones, alarms, alerts in case of default
  • Manage and organize files downloaded from the Downloads tab
  • Settings to change wallpapers automatically
  • Widget to change the wallpaper
  • Share a case Laqytan with friends
  • Backup from the App to SD (move apps to SD card)

ZEDGE Ringtones Wallpapers app for Android phones is interesting that with the help of which you can at any time, change your phone’s wallpaper image. The software can control multiple images’ll be among them, select one that you want on your phone’s wallpaper. Also back to choose a song from a full database also provides the software and you can keep track of their choice from among thousands of different songs for your phone ringtones.

Note: A large number of ISP of the program, the F-Z-L-T-R is to use VPN software you need!

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